jsPlumb API documentation

jsPlumb is organised into several classes and namespaces.

The main classes you will deal with are jsPlumbInstance, Endpoint, Connection, Anchor and Overlay, but only rarely will you deal with these directly. All objects are constructed by jsPlumb from "definitions" that you provide, and most of the operations you wish to perform on jsPlumb objects are mediated through an instance of the jsPlumbInstance class.

Static jsPlumb instance

An important point to keep in mind is that the global jsPlumb object is just an instance of the jsPlumbInstance class that is registered by default on the browser window.

For many people this single static instance is sufficient, but others need more than one instance.

Either way, remember as you read through the API documentation that a reference to a method on the jsPlumbInstance class means that jsPlumb has that method.

Keyboard Shortcuts
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